Everest Base Camp Photo Gallery

Pictures from Everest Base Camp

The team arrived at Everest Base Camp on Friday 14 April. They have spent the past few days making good their area of Base Camp, carrying out equipment checks and training in the Icefall. They expect to begin their first acclimatisation rotation towards the end of this week, when they will climb up through the Khumbu Icefall to Camp 1 and then hopefully on to Camp 2, depending on the weather and establishment of the high camps. They have experienced some high winds and snow, so will wait for the weather to settle before pushing up on to the mountain.

The team has acclimatised well so far and the first real test will occur during the initial rotation on the mountain, when they will reach altitudes of 6,000m at Camp 1 and 6,400m at Camp 2. 

Expedition team photographer Rodney Christian has sent through a large gallery of pictures from the trek as well as some of the team’s arrival in Base Camp. Hopefully communications will continue to improve and the flow of pictures and film footage will increase.

  • Bridge Over The Small River
  • Picture of Nature
  • Palms and the Ocean
  • Mountain View
  • Man Climbing the Rock
  • Big City View
  • Small Village in Mountains
  • Picture of Mountains
  • Sky and Birds
  • Photo of the Glacier
  • Mountain Lake
  • A Man Lying in a Hammock
  • Tent and Starry Sky
  • Sunset and Mountains
Articles by: Minta Courtney
Images by: Rodney Christian

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