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Gurkha Everest Expedition 2017, Gurkhas, Everest

As all followers of this website know, the 2017 Everest season has been stop-start and somewhat behind schedule. Some climbers hoping for an early summit a week or two ago, behind the rope fixing team, were disappointed when their attempts were thwarted and they had to return to Base Camp. More than a few climbers have packed up and gone home. Similarly, as time goes on, illness (particularly a bad dose of flu that has been doing the rounds) has been trimming the numbers of climbers who are still waiting patiently for their shot at the summit.

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Gurkha Everest Expedition, Everest, Gurkha

This year's Everest season appears to be running a little behind schedule. The route to the summit remains unfixed due to bad weather and climbers are still waiting for a decent weather window. Though it's difficult to say what is "normal" for Everest, the first Sherpa summits are typically between about the 5-12 May, and the greatest number of summits for climbers usually occurs between 16-22 May. Some teams hoping for an early summit on the tails of the Sherpa attempting to fix the route over the past week have been disappointed and have had to return to Base Camp, where most climbers are resting, waiting for the route to be fixed and for the weather to improve. 

In the meantime, Rifleman Rakesh from 1RGR has written a moving piece about how he felt during the devastating earthquake in 2015, and what it was like to return to Everest Base Camp this year. He also gives an account of the team's first acclimatisation rotation on the mountain a couple of weeks ago. Rfn Rakesh is the youngest member of the team and his words give a great insight into the challenges of this expedition, both physical and mental.

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