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The team will attempt to climb Everest via the South Col route from Nepal. From Basecamp (5,334m/17,500ft), the route weaves up through the treacherous Khumbu Ice Fall to the Western Cwm before heading up the steep ice wall of the Lhotse Face, across the Yellow Band and the Geneva Spur to the South Col, the sharp-edged notch between Everest and Lhotse. The South Col is typically ravaged by high winds, leaving it free of significant snow accumulation, and is the site of Camp IV from which the team will make their final bid for the summit (8,850m/29,035ft) via the Balcony, South Summit and famous Hillary Step. The round trip climb to the summit from the South Col can take between nine and 18 hours. 


Articles by: Charlotte Lycett Green
Images by: Alun Richardson

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